Haier Innovation


The Project

Together with the great people at ustwo AB we had to imagine and design a new interaction system for the next generation of washing machines. Haier wanted to rethink the way a user interacts with the washing machine and adapt the process to the current digital age while targeting a new focus group, the Millenials.

The project was broken into three phases: research & concept ideation, design ideation & execution and scenario prototyping & project summary. 

In the research & concept ideation phase, the work consisted of research and competitor analysis and explored different visual directions and concepts for further exploration in the next phase.

In the second phase, we continued to refine the ideas and the visual direction using key user journeys to demonstrate the design in practice. We also looked at the overarching system design, considering how this product will fit into the Haier ecosystem of products. As part of design and idea exploration, we looked at how game mechanics can be used to create more engaging experiences.

The third phase comprised exploring ideas, prototyping the companion app, and including the product in the Haier ecosystem.

The final deliverables consisted of a presentation detailing the whole design process and guides regarding the future use of the products, for both the washing machine screen and companion app, high-fidelity UI flows of the key concepts, testable high-fidelity prototypes and UI prototype videos.




Art Direction
Motion Graphics
Web Design


A holistic approach

Haier engaged us to explore diverse visual styles and develop an MVP for their washing machine screen and mobile app. This project was unique, as it involved not only creating a visual experience but also innovating on new ways for users to interact with the washing machine, including software and hardware. To design the MVP, we carefully considered the entire user journey, from discovery to actual real-life usage.

Washing machine screen design

The product was designed with Generation Z in mind, recognizing that this demographic is highly familiar and comfortable with mobile devices. The goal was to create a washing machine app and smartphone companion app that provides an enjoyable and engaging experience for the user, avoiding the monotony often associated with washing machine applications. With this in mind, we prioritized mobile design principles to build an app that aligns with the habits and preferences of our target audience.


We had a more in-depth look into innovating user interaction and creating a different interaction system from what’s currently being used on other washing machines in the market.

We wanted to create a more straightforward, simple, playful and engaging method of creating a custom program with a different approach to changing the parameters.

We looked at mobile phone touchscreen interactions that are very intuitive and bring familiarity and simplicity to the user’s interaction: pinch, spread, swipe left and right, drag, etc.


Customization was an important feature we wanted to add to the whole experience. We wanted to give users more control over how the washing machine looks and behaves. Users can customize the washing machine screen by choosing from a variety of options. They can upload their own personal images as backgrounds or choose from different preset themes. They can also switch between UI light and dark modes or choose from a variety of notification sounds.

Mobile Companion App

We’ve developed a mobile companion app that provides a range of features to complement our washing machine screen app. With it, users can remotely customize their washing cycles, including modifying start and end times. Additionally, they can customize their app interface by easily changing background images, sounds, and themes or even create a customized avatar. Users can also create personalized washing programs for added convenience and share them with other users.

When users need to identify a specific washing cycle for a particular item, they can take a picture of the clothing or label, and the app will utilize its fabric and item detection capabilities to suggest the most suitable washing cycle.

Eco Life

We wanted to make people care more about the environment, reduce their carbon footprint and wash more eco-friendly. By using the ECO Life mode, the users earn points for eco-washing, and they can see their score compared to other users on the sharing platform. They can also earn stickers or share their score on social media platforms.

Smart washing with AI

The rapid development of technology in the world, with faster internet and IOT, naturally conditions the upcoming generations of Haier customers to have new demands on their products to be more automatic, connected, engaging, and easier to use.

The new generation of Haier washing machines uses Artificial intelligence to maximize the washing process efficiency and precision. The washing machine can scan the type of fabric, the color, and the weight, and can recommend the best suitable program. 

AI Wave and Wash

Laundry can prove to be a strenuous chore that requires considerable effort and certain skills in order to be done right. However, technological advancements have rendered doing laundry a smoother and more efficient process, and have made it more accessible to a wider demographic. AI Wave and Wash, for instance, offers an innovative feature of machine activation through simple hand gestures, consequently easing the process for individuals who may struggle physically. Moreover, it provides a streamlined solution for all laundry-doers. Such a fine confluence of design and technology, as seen in Wave and AI wash, serves to create a more well-designed and inclusive world.

The Dial

The dial has become a trademark of washing machines over time, and many users prefer it. Since 1950, washing machines have been operated by buttons and dials. It was very recently that touchscreens started to be used, and many people felt more familiar with operating the machine via the dial.

If the dial is removable, the user can control and adjust the parameters of other Haier smart appliances with the same precision.

Dial Interaction

The haptic feedback of the dial ensures better communication between the machine and the user, as the user receives a tactile confirmation.

The back thinking of this project was building on a foundation of fully connected home appliances that can integrate with other smart devices in the customer’s home.