The Project

Cedara is a platform that focuses on carbon intelligence, aiming to assist businesses in reducing their carbon emissions and moving toward a more sustainable future. The platform helps businesses measure their carbon emissions and develop strategies to achieve net-zero emissions. Cedara also analyzes supply chains to enable investment teams to reduce carbon intensity throughout the supply path. Their data-driven approach aims to accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy.

During my collaboration with Cedara, I was tasked with developing a new brand visual style and visual language for their graphical elements, illustrations, and icons. This involved designing a new website implemented via Webflow, where I ensured a cohesive and visually appealing outcome through a comprehensive style guide and component system.



Motion Graphics

The Website

The main focus was on creating an MVP website that also facilitated a rebrand from the previous visual direction. The platform’s goal remains centered on carbon intelligence and sustainability, with a user-centric design featuring an engaging homepage, detailed services overview, enlightening case studies, an informative blog, and a streamlined contact section. All elements are optimized for both desktop and mobile, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The website now serves as a powerful tool to communicate Cedara’s redefined mission and offerings, inspiring businesses to embrace sustainability. It has laid a sturdy foundation for Cedara’s rebranded identity, with ample scope for future enhancements and expansions.

Lottie animations

Throughout the project, I’ve also explored Lottie animations. These animations were integrated into the website to establish a clear visual direction. Specifically, the animation on the right dynamically appears as the user scrolls down the page.